This is an index of all my projects. Each project has it’s own GitHub repo building a GitHub Pages site from it’s README.md or an index.html. It’s maintained as frequently as possible.



Lexington Police

7297 LiMITless Logo (2019)

DebateTimer (2017)

Blueprint 2020 Learnathon / Blueprint 2020 Project (2020)

Project Boom

All my work and projects related to Project Boom from its start in May 2020 are detailed on it’s own page.

Lexington High School

Lexington High School Student-Faculty Senate (2020)

Lexington Debate (2019)


History of England (2019)

Drone - 2018 IMP Project (June 2019)

FoodSearch - Acera School STEAM Symposium Project (May 2019)

Token (2018)

Security Robot - 2017 IMP Project (June 2018)

2018ASTEAMS - Acera School STEAM Symposium Project (May 2018)

Acera 360˚ Video Tour - 2016 IMP Project (June 2017)

Pong - Acera School STEAM Symposium Project (May 2017)

Constitution (2017/2018)