Project Boom


I’m Kunal Botla; I’m the founder of Project Boom. I’m also a student at Lexington High School and an alum of Acera School. I’ve had an interest in technology since I was younger and want to let more people have the opportunity to do so.

In May 2020, I started Project Boom to provide students with computers using computers that are generally thrown away or end up not being used. The result is that students get access to computers, there’s less electronic waste added to the world, and someone can use what they have to help others. As you have likely experienced before and during the pandemic, computers are critical in today’s day and age and can be the difference between someone attending school and not.

Having access to a computer is an issue that I find personally significant and want to help solve. Project Boom aims to directly help with this problem and also build technologies and methods for others to do so.

I love hearing from people so if you’re interested in helping us directly or by providing references or even just want to chat, please email me at or find me on most social media.

Best, Kunal.

Project Boom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. More can be found at